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SCAMPOLICE GROUP. Database of Scammer SKYPE ID’s

The ability to track where  all your emails  go to is essential if you are to remain safe from scammers.  This program below tells you where and when your email was opened - and you can make can even make them self destruct.  We don’t promote  what we don’t believe in and this is the best.  We strongly recommend you do this.  Click the link below to get a FREE trial.  (We like "FREE")
              SCAMMERS on SKYPE

Welcome to the Scampolice Group Database of Scammer SKYPE ID’s

  Be careful with the people, who suddenly contact you on SKYPE. There are NO SOLDIERS, GENERALS, SERGEANTS or OFFICERS, using Skype who will offer you romance, especially if they claim to be in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc. 

Offshore: ENGINEERS, GOLD AND GEMSTONE DEALERS, and similar persons are also FAKE.

Government Departments DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION/MoneyGram, or similar transfers. 

If you see these IDs, then you are dealing with a scammer, probably from West Africa or Malaysia, but may be from other countries as well. Scammers use cut and pasted text because they are usually almost illiterate, uneducated, and have little English, or because it is easier to do it when dealing with hundreds of potential victims a day. Note: scammers hardly ever address you by name and this is because it makes it unnecessary to edit messages with names in them. They will call you “Honey”, “Baby”, “my Queen”, “Angel”, etc.
Never tell a scammer how you caught him*. Never tell him about his message text and never correct his mistakes. We like our scammers to continue to be uneducated and stupid. Remember when a message suggests you send money, you are talking to a scammer and whatever the excuse he gives you, send nothing and leave without a word.
*Even if you think you are dealing with a woman be assured it is a boy in an internet cafe.  

Here is a list of confirmed Skype scammers:

lyudakim1946 (Martin Niel)

baobig2007 (James Robison)

thomas800991 (Thomas)

thompson.stephen5 (micheal walter)

gerard3497 (Adonis Gerard)
Website http://lol. I'm enjoying where I am in life but looking for my soul mate to spend the rest of my lif
am loving caring trusting very understanding am a very simple man i like to meet new friends for business
I have strong values and I'm a person of integrity, have always been someone that is honest, true and faithful with a good heart and sense of Humor, Love to joke around and i always try to make people around me happy. Very friendly and a bit shy, lol. I'm enjoying where I am in life but looking for my soul mate to spend the rest of my life with not just for games or one night stand.

nholinh1010 (Lt Gen Adrian John Bradshaw)

nicolas.todd.kenny98 (Nicolas Todd Kenny)

iram.toni1 (Gen. David Perkins)

noonoo1905 (TONY  CUCOLO)

prince.ukavwe (dr.prince ukavwe)

onie009 (dr david.rod)
i need relationship serious indeed not play

vananhdao1997 (gen matthew v edison)

izeh.ogaga (JOHN KIRBY)

charlesbulluck101 (charles bulluck101)

panjinhua324 (captain.Danile. Anthony32)

naittd1210 (LARRY BARRY)

manjuohri64 (David......Simon)

tashia.vanessa1 (phillip ken)
About me:  i love my job

stuart.beare734 (stuart beare)
English/Russian Google Translator:
Здравствуйте ... как дела и ваша семья, а также .... я надеюсь, что они все прекрасно и в отличном состоянии здоровья .... Я шел через членов онлайн, когда я увидел вас и взял интерес к вам .. именно поэтому я решил зайти и сказать ад для вас. Меня зовут Стюарт Бир. Я канадский генерал армии. Я 59 лет ...... и в настоящее время работает в Афганистан, Кабул, как полицейский подготовки командира НАТО Я был 2 детей, и я планирую принять один маленький ребенок ...., который является сиротой. это мой адрес электронной почты:  отправить меня по электронной почте и скажите мне немного о себе. Я хочу построить достойную отношения с вами, а также поделиться своими планами с вами впереди моего выхода на пенсию. Я был бы рад, чтобы быть хорошим и близко к вам онлайн с надеждой, что мы будем вместе в лицо, когда я Амон мои каникулы. Я буду просить вас присоединиться ко мне планировать короткий 3 месяца отпуск .... в вашей стране.
Original English text:
Hello ... how are you and your family as well .... I hope they are all fine and in perfect health .... I was going through members online when I saw you and took interest in you .. that so I decided to stop by and say hell for you. My name is Stuart Beare. I am Canadian Army General. I am 59 years old ...... and is currently working in Afghanistan, Kabul, as the police commander of NATO training I had 2 children and I plan to take one small child .... that is an orphan. this is my email address:  send me an email and tell me a little about yourself. I want to build a decent relationship with you, and share their plans with you in front of my retirement. I would be glad to be nice and close to you online with the hope that we will be together in the face when I amon my vacation. I will ask you to join me to plan a short holiday .... 3 months in your country

tinawalker445 (GEN Scout)

alexandro.clinton20 (Alexandro Clinton)

engineer.john.mark (gen miller mark)

paul.frank60 (matthew1935)

john.peston59 (john.peston)

c.h.j.c.h.j1 (CHARLES H JACOBY)

cris.lachi (Cris Lachi)

leorichard5 (leorichard5)

william.ben43 (Willim Ben)

egrn111 (Pan wall)
l am a honest man looking for a honest woman for the purpose of wife 

marcus.miller325 (marcus miller)
Hello dear, it my pleasure meeting you, how are you doing, i hope you are fine, can i put a smile in your face?

simon.williamsx14 (simon.williamsx14)
Hello,how are is the weather condition over there?

lloyd.scott10 (Capt Lloyd Scott)

carter.f.ham494 (Carter.f.ham494)
Hello dea,i am just looking through your profile,i have  not been able to take my eyes off you,been staring for a couple of minutes,but it's noy just about the fact that you are a baeutiful woman,my very being accept your seen like a nice person,i am simple and serious christain man and i will love to knoew you better my friend

gen.frank.miller676 (Gen.frank miller)

benzwillie (Mark Welsh)

engineer.kent.kenedy (BARRY WILLIAM)

kelvin.leonald0004 (kelvin leonald)

theomillion (franklin)

jeffery.anthony51 (jeffery anthony)

gen.thomas.grey75 (Gen.Thomas grey)
Hello dear, how are you doing today?

benard.wilson11 (benard wilson11)

spencer.david002 (spencer david)

doctor.daniel.scott1 (Doctor daniel scott)
hello how are you doing today i hope you are fine nice meeting you   

mikees.estonilo (Mike Estonilo)

williammoore.. (William Moore)

david.johnson7699 (david william)
hello am david from us i will appreciate if you can add me to  your contact. Thank you

eric.tremblay241 (Eric Tremblay)

raymond.odierno213 (William Chris) (TONY.M.WILLIAMS)

marksteven450 (cowellsteven)

mr.andrew.steven (Barr. Steven Andrew)
Attn. please and a good day to you, am barrister Steven Andrew, a solicitor at law and an attorney to a national of your country whose life and that of his entire family was lapsed in a car crash at the Tema motorway here in Accra Ghana. The deceased was a successful business man and has an account valued US$3,200,000.00. This account has been unserviceable for a long time and the bank has threatened to have the fund confiscated if no next of kin is presented.  All efforts I made towards locating my clients extended relatives was all in vain so I decided to track his last name here on Skype and thus I found you. My proposition to you is to present you as the next of kin and beneficiary to this account since you have the same last name with the deceased, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you. This will be disbursed or shared 60% to me and 40% to you. You should contact me on my personal email address  for more details and clarification and how to proceed.

collinsbrown81 (collins brown)

phillip.chandler8 (phillip.chandler8)

lisa.smith4499 (william.snith)

nick.collins299 (nick.collins)

info_cep1774 (captain Edward perrin)
How are you and nice meeting you, i am Captain Edward perrin from America, please can i know you and also be your friend,I saw your profile i just having some feeling on you that is why i want you to contact me with this my email address so that we can know each other and this is my email (,   thank you and waiting

michaeldubie552 (Michael Dubie)
Hello how are you?, i am Michael from USA single looking for relationship add me to know more about me.

angie.lee503 (Gen.Roland D.Smith)
Hello...Somebody there, how are you doing?

carrick601 (carrick)
Hello dear compliment of the season My friend would describe me as intelligent,gentle,kind,faithful,easy going,independent,reliable,responsible,sincere and dedicated,my mother would say i am a caring and loving son,faithful and hardworking,sincere,passionate,tenderly,respectful,humble,dedicated,loving,funny ,and a man of dignity and integrity. I will like to have a wonderful chat with you as soon as possible,i will be waiting for your reply.... Remain Bless...carrick

gen.william.t.lord32 (Gen William T Lord)
Hello how are you doing my dear...

dr.william.anthony.666 (GEN. PETER.ANTHONY.666)

robert.col3 (Robert.Col3)

larry.akon1 (John Campbell)

abal.larry (abal.larry)

donald.swight (Gen diamond)
Hello........! How are you doing ? Nice to meet you here

brig.gen.yakovleff1 (Michel Yakovleff)

william.larry12 (WILLIAM LARRY)

phil.gergens (Greg Maxwell)

sailordaviddicks3 (sailordavid morrison)

bigcheryl19 (Nicholas todd  Kenny)

kakaki.robbert18 (Nicolas Todd Kenny)

williams.wayne62 (williams wayne)
hello pretty

george.william937 (Gen John Miller)

gen.daniel_r_ammerman1 (daniel r ammerman)
hello dear, what is your name and where are you from?  ? add me


joseph.dnuford.2014 (Oscar Ben)
Dear Friend, Kindly reply me urgent  Compliments of the day to you. Firstly, I apologize for sending you this sensitive information via e-mail instead of a certified post-mail. Well my name is Mr.Oscar Ben, a private lawyer based here in Ghana. I did a lot of web search before choosing your contact from your country's website and business online register. It is with trust and sincerity that I approach you for assistance in a business project.  I seek your concept to present you as the executor/next of kin to my deceased client who made a deposit of Nineteen Million United State Dollars only (US$19,000,000.00) with a Finance House here few years back since you are at an advantage, bearing the same last name so that the proceeds of the deposit funds valued at Nineteen Million United State Dollars can be paid to you and we shall both share the funds amicably. 55% goes to me while 40% will be for you and the remaining 5% will be for any incurred expenses and for donation to charitable organizations.   I have all the necessary legal documents that will be used to back up any claim we will make. All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us see this project through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement, so if you are interested and sincere we can proceed further with this transaction which is hundred percent risk free, please do let me know immediately so that I can give you comprehensive details on how we proceed.  Thanks & best  Yours Truly Oscar Ben  oscarbe

henry.morgan101 (henry morgan)

charlesjecoby24 (Captain Charles Thompson)

sgt.jerry. (MICHAEL NEWTON)

fe.estrada10 (Gen. Roland D.Smith)

roland666647 (Roland  Kennedy)
Hello friend, this is Roland Kennedy from United Kingdom, i will love to be a friend with you.

genherrymathew (porterfield daniel)
hello beautiful lady how are you doing today , i hope your happy

captain.desmond (James Johnson)

marcusham.lugerd (marcus lugerd)

sailor.dickson.feder1 (sailor.dickson.feder)
All relationships have some adjustment period

phengphet.lvs (Kenneth Toolan)

private4883 (David gomez)

larry.ben57 (LARRY BEN)

morgan.steven6 (Nelson Morgan)
Hello how are you...I am General Nelson Morgan  from  United State of American....Military army here  in Afghanistan...i was seaching for a friend and i find Interest on your profile, if you dont mind we can be good friend and know more about each other..

skypy20141 (chandler)
hello how are you?? nice to meet you...

heart.nt8 (Timothy Kadavy)

john.campbell9037 (john.campbell)

uraiweise (Mr.Peter.Kevin8) dear sister how are you doing today i hope all is well with you there?

jack.hagberg1 (Jack Hagberg)
About me:  'God Is Great'

lecuong1970 (Dr.Gary Jose)
Mobile phone +840913905041

petersonlewis9 (petersonlewis)
 love to been friend with you as lovly one

luis43700 (LUIS BOURETT)
Never associate yourself with fear

dr.michael.schwartz (Dr. Michael Schwartz)
ello? Accept my request here so that we can be good friends okay? Waiting to chat with you soon

david.jeff75 (david.jeff)
Hello my  name is David Jeff i am from uk in liverpool working in the high sea in oil compainy,, I love my GOD? and i am looking for soul of love?

gen.bernard.champoux1001 (Gen Carter Ham)
how is the weather over there?

patonpaton69 (Christopher richard)

robert.b.b2 (CURTIS. M)

william.henry711 (Dr William Henry)

tony.jerry44 (tony jerry)

mr.jerry.b.mccarthy (Mr.Jerry B McCarthy)

susan.simeon (General joseph f dunford)

mark_william7 (mark_william)
About me I HATE LIES

jeff.benard2 (jeff benard)

Location berlin, Germany
About me it is nice knowing you

paul.quaye7 (drjohn.nicholas14)
Hello how's your day and how's the weather condition over there??

john.mark4319 (General Alex)
About me i thank God

gerard3497 (Adonis Gerard)
Website http://lol. I'm enjoying where I am in life but looking for my soul mate to spend the rest of my lif
am loving caring trusting very understanding am a very simple man i like to meet new friends for business
I have strong values and I'm a person of integrity, have always been someone that is honest, true and faithful with a good heart and sense of Humor, Love to joke around and i always try to make people around me happy. Very friendly and a bit shy, lol. I'm enjoying where I am in life but looking for my soul mate to spend the rest of my life with not just for games or one night stand..

kee..tovo (Kenneth E.Tovo)
Hello dear!!How are you,This's Kenneth Tovo....

malsanww (William Andy)
Location Buea, Cameroon
About me: Branch Manager, Standard Chartered Bank.
Hello, I am Mr. William Andy, 44 years old.   Business is very important to me, and would want a partner to have the same feelings.  Looking for an honest adventurous person i can trust and work together with over there, as I have an important business discussion if you are interested

l312065 (Mack Cole)
Location Accra, Ghana

dr.george47 (Dr George Smith)

peter.zz3 (Doctor Mark Solan)
About me: Thank be to God

barbero.2001 (Mark.A.Milley)
About me: I need honest woman

walter.raymond10 (walter raymond)

miller8986 (Miller Edens)

abiodun_wanda25 (Larry hooper)
About me: Am seeking a serious relationship
  A man over time falls in love with the woman he is attracted to, and a woman over time becomes more attracted to the man she loves...Please, am online now on yahoo messenger can we chat there? That's if you're not busy right now,  I also would like the opportunity to get to know you, we could spend some time chatting. Just in case you do.  Larry, 

jeff.mccloy7 (Mccloy Jeff)
Hi dear, My name is Capt. Jeff Mccloy, I am an American soldier currently serving on a peace keeping mission in Afghanistan. I came across your profile while I was searching for a lover.I was moved and attracted to you the moment I saw your profile on skype.It is true that we have not meet and you do not know me but I beleive we can know each other with time.   I am sorry if this message will embarrass you but the truth is that I have found you attractive and would love to know more about you. I am looking for a woman that I will love and cherish, care for and spend the rest of my life with. I think you are that woman I have been looking for. Please you can write me back with this email address or contact me back through skype. This is my email address:    so that we can get to know each other very well. Thanks with love from Jeff.

bill.john.girdner (bill john girdner)
About me Rom 12:1, Offering yourself to God is what worship is all about. God wants your life... all of it.ninety-five percent is not enough. Be dedicated to His service..............

godwin1570 (henry)

timothy.kadavy877 (timothy kadavy)
About me hi' every one' i need a lady that is careing, lovely,truthful and sexing to be my wife

coby.beckleys.limpo6 (coby beckleys limpo)

matth.w.miller3 (Matth.w.miller3)
About me simple and honest man (GOLF.SMITH)

gen.kenneth.tovo871 (Gen.Kenneth Tovo)

david.m.rodriguez279 (david.m.rodriguez279)

captain.ben.lewis500 (Captain Ben Lewis)
I could go around the world and move mountain for any woman of my dream

lewis.paul3077 (lewis paul30)

adams.francis4 (Larry taylor)
Location accra, Ghana
hello good day, i contact you in good faith and hoping that you will pure out your heart of humanity and listen to all i have to tell you. please accept my request.

raymond2morgan (kevin peter)

william.kennet (william.kennet)

samson.obas1 (petter Donald)
About me when i call on GOD everything is possible,Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go. Learn to trust your heart.

daniel.wilbur80 (Daniel.Wilbur)

Monicabrownlin (Carter F. Ham)
About me I'm American Army...

davidmiller405 (nelson alex)

mark.930 (James Terry)

edward.john52 (General.mark_welsh)

donyurin1 (Don Yurin)
About me Honest and sincere

alexander.raymond26 (DR ALEXANDER.RAYMOND)
About me i just love myself for who i am

william.george135 (WILLIAM GEORGE)

mmssgg175 (CHIBO BENSON)
Location JOHONESBURG, ACCRA, South Africa

scott.mark76 (SCOTT MARK)
About me if loving you is a crime am ready to be wanted just to make sure i keep you happy.
I am a simple,caring and friendly man with a high are u doing?.

diplomat.john.kofi (john kofi)
About me for me life is  continously being hungry. the meaning of life is not simply to exist ,to survive,but to go  move ahead, to go up,to achive, to conquer.
hello how are you? my name is john kofi. i want to be a freind ok here is my email fort more  about me(

wilsonsmith00 (wilson smith)

sgt.james.lopez310 (James Lopez)

riatolentino_77 (Gen..Raymond Odierno)
About me AM A USA ARMY
hello how are you doing am new here in skype please can we be friend?,,,am very honest and kind sincere caring loving.

wilson_petreaus (wilson petreaus)
About me am looking for a good partner i can spend the rest of my life with

markson.garret6 (markson.garret6)
About me hard working in life lead to success in life,honest is next to Godliness

kevin.leonard414 (Franklyn Smith)

gen.j.dunford02 (Gen.J.Dunford)
 Hello,I'm Gen.Joseph.dunford of the United States marine corp, i am presently in Afghanistan, but would love to chat outside camp if you do not mind..

ben.hasner176 (Kelvin Oprey)

dr.howard54 (DR.HOWARD)

mark.alex199 (michael.dubie)

micheal.benny2 (James benn)
Location Amstardan, Netherlands
About me Humble,less of pride and filled with humidity

kelvin8044 (larry smith)

matthew.johnson859 (Matthew Johnson)
Hello dear, how are you doing and how is the weather condition over there, please if you don't mind can we be friends ???

holden6002 (michael holden)
About me am nobody cos nobody is perfect

robert.lopez918 (Robert Lopez)

kelvin.monu (LTG Kevin W. Mangum)

robert.mood542 (Robert Mood)

peter.mark839 (Doctor Peter Mark)

scot.willy2001 (Mark Williams)

owen.philips1 (RAYMOND P.OWEN)

doctor2373 (doctor2373)

campbell.john46 (campbell.john)
hello, dear i.m general john campbell from united states and you?

dr.justice.lopez (DR. JAKE HILL)
About me Talk less and listen more...
helloo dear,how are you doing?i hope you are fine,,,,it will be nice to know more about ourself hear on skype,,i therefor requst you add me..

andrew.r39 (gen. roberts david)
About me Divorced With kwo kids
Hello,how are you doing today?Hello,how are you doing today?Hello,how are you doing today?

michael.dan40 (Michael Dan)
About me Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don't have these ingredients you will never succeed.
Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don't have these ingredients you will never succeed.

mark.william734 (mark.william734)

desmond.collins89 (desmond Collins)
About me plain and simple

mark.kenson76 (mark kenson)

mark.paul551 (GODWIN)
Location Accra, great accra, Nigeria

robert.wilson487 (Robert wilson)

johnson.william154 (Johnson William)

miller.benson3 (Miller Scott Benson)
Hello Queen, how are you? Nice to  meet you!

fredricks.thomas (fredrick.thomas)

william.walters25 (William Walter)
About me I am a United States ARMY
Hi, Love to know u more if u dont mind want to be ur friend

johnson.terry40 (Johnson Terry)

jackson.chalmers36 (Jackson Chalmers)
About me simple Simpe & honest

dr.frank30 (dr.frank30)

col.rowlandevans89 (Col. Rowland Evans)

lioba.benzil (TONY JAMES CARTER)
Hi,how are you. pls add me to yout contact list let's chat ok.

billywoods121 (Billy Woods)
About me Caring,God fearing and most of all loving and honest

george.graham333 (George Graham)

jim.blessing2 (dr.david.smit)
Hello How are looking for true love woman and the woman i could spend the rest of my life with

richard.rossmanith50 (richard rossmanith)

engineer.herry.frankley14 (engineer. herry .frankley)
About me tell the world to obey God and give respect to human dignity
Frank is my name..How are you and how is your family doing over there.

davidbright33 (Gen.David.Bright)
About me the lord is how cheaper,i can never  four.

curtisb231 (steven curtis)

eric.ronald6 (Dr. Eric Ronald)
About me I specialize in treating muscle and bone disorders,in this area of specialization i am call an osteopathic or orthopedic physician doctor
hi, how are you, i,m doctor Eric Ronald

david.perkins8730 (Hoog John Frank)
Hello friend, how are you doing today...I just want to be honest friend with you...I hope we can have good communication for a greater future...You are welcome

gen.morris.george9 (gen.morris.george9)

douglas.fraser3325 (douglas.fraser3325)

douglas.fraser114 (douglas fraser)

my_loveyou6 (Dr. Mark T Jerry)

raymond.sudan (Joseph Anderson)

terry.gomez49 (terry.gomez49)
Hello, am Terry  new on Skype, I just send you a request, accept me as a friend if you do not mind whenever you are free, we can chat  and know each other more better.

gen.campbell5 (harry smith)
About me I love to meet a calm person and also kind hearted ?
Dear the only thing that make life a better place is LOVE SO LET LOVE LEAD.IS MY PLEASURE MEETING YOU ???

gary201620 (Alexender Benjamin Bert)

ken.sogar (Ken.Sogar)
About me A United States  Army Force Commanding General, I'm Looking Forward to my Retirement. I Need A Woman Of Honest,Sincere,Love and Carering.

mark.welsh1554 (mark.welsh)

patrick.pedro11 (patrick pedro11)
About me i need a honest woman as wife

samuel.peter82 (mack scot)
About me humble and hardworking man.with a possitive mind to  be successful?

john_bradford1 (john.bradford)
About me Life is beautiful if you find someone you truly love.
Hi my beautiful queen how are you i hope you are doing pretty well. i just pass through your profile and am so intrested of being your friend maybe we can make good relationship thanks.

belinda.mabasa (mark ken)

wilson.steve3 (Dr. Jerry Wilson Steve)
Am a consultant medical doctor from UK. presently work in camp bastion in Afghanistan.

james.c.richard1 (james.c.richard1)
hello,my dearest lovely friend .,i am by name from new york city in u,.s.a .add my to your contact.

kelvin.james90 (James Collins)
Hello how are you doing you look beautiful

mark.collins223 (mark.collins)

andy.mosco2 (Gen.James)
About me U.S Army

martinkelvin01515 (mrclint)
Hello my friend,How are you? This is Sergeant Clinton Romesha.My colleagues call me Clint,after going through your skype name i become interested to know more about you and also to be your good friend,Please i will like you to contact me direct with this email address( am looking forward to your reply. Thanks, From Clint.

billy.hedges51 (Billy Hedges)

ono4luv (John William Abizaid)
i bring you word of wisdom, use your time well .

jahn.tihansky9 (Jahn Tihansky) are you doing, can we have some chat, hope you don't mind ?

remord.johnson1 (Remord.johnson)

david.clason3 (david clason)
Location accra, Ghana
hi simple woman

william.b.caldwell3672 (Gen William Caldwell)
Hi nice meeting with you am General William Caldwell from usa but currently now in Syria happy to hear from you thanks

donald.william70 (Donald William)

herman.bill1 (herman august)
About me am very good and happy man hope the world is a better place to live in

ferdinand_porterfield (Ferdinand_porterfield)

prince.igho (Gen Philip M. Breedlove)
About me am very honest man of god,i respect god,and given thank to god too???????

educe.igho5 (igho educe)
Location accra, Ghana
About me: so  honest i want love and be loved back all i wanted is a woman  with a good heart:sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than people beside you

weilliam.adams.13 (weilliam.adams.1)

michael_d._dubie (michael  dubie)

belen.baruman (William Caldwell)
Hello How's your day and how's the  weather condition over there?

col.kentwoods (kelvin brown)

virgie.mesinas (Benjamin Mesinas)
I am in search of a serious relationship, so I will consider only the women with photos and those who are as serious in their search as I am. I will not answer to the married because I respect myself. I am a mature man who respects himself and his time. A Brief Sketch of Myself. I became a single father 4years ago, I have a son who is 14years of age. We a re good friends, I can talk about everything with him. All this time I was busy with his upbringing. Now he lives separately. As loneliness doesn’t suit anyone, I decided a woman whom I can give all my love and warmth. About myself: I am a kind person, compassionate, sincere, caring, respectful, strong-willed, genuine, generous, good-natured, loving, loyal, gentle, charismatic, understanding, sensitive,, tolerant, with a good sense of humour. I am incredibly romantic. I love going to the theatre and museums. I am a very good cook. I love to create cozy and warm atmosphere at home. I love people, and I love life. I am fond of giving presents and organize pleasant surprises to make people feel like children. I can love and create a family where a man will feel comfortable and loved. I want to meet an honest and reliable woman who can care about a man and make him happy, who can show her feelings and attitude towards a man not only with the help of words, but deeds. I appreciate generosity of a woman. I am attracted by strong, smart, honest women next to whom I can be a man, giving warmth, love and care. To go living to another country is not my go

micheal9533 (micheal)

English/ Russain Google Translator:
Добрый вечер довольно. Как прошел твой день? Я Michealmorgan я работаю с Соединенными нации в Америке я из нового города-Йорк, Соединенные Штаты Америки. Я новый член здесь, и я увидел свой профиль здесь. Это очень хотел узнать больше о вас. По соображениям безопасности, пожалуйста, я готовлю много радости, Если вы послали мне адрес электронной почты или связаться со мной по моей электронной почте;  для моего Аватар и мы можем узнать больше друг о друге. Надежды услышать от вас скоро. смотреть Michealmorgan.

Original English text:

Good evening pretty. How was your day? Michealmorgan I'm working with the United Nation in America I'm from New York City, United States. I am new member here and I saw your profile here. It really wanted to know more about you. For security reasons, please, I cook a lot of joy, If you send me your email address or contact me at my e-mail;  for my picture and we can learn more about each other. Hope to hear from you soon. watch Michealmorgan.

johnstan01 (Ebert Schofield)

gen.james.carthwright3 (gen james carthwright)

pilot.smith.william (PILOT SMITH WILLIAM)
About me Am simple, honest, faithful, peaceful, lovely,caring, understandable. need a woman of my type from any parts of the world,or business partner my dear.

penson.jacob (peterson.lewis)

lapezken (Lapez Kennedy)

gen.daniel_allyn666 (gen.daniel allyn666)

cjohn.edward11 (Col. John Edward)

davenportlopez453 (davenportlopez45)

davenportlopez7892 (davenportlopez789)

captain.kelvin.milla1 (captain.kelvin.milla1)

owen_glory (owen_glory)

anthony.james299 (anthony.james299)

engineerfrankjohn (engineerfrankjohn)

kobby.brown6 (Kobby Frank .H)

micheal.william395 (micheal William)
About me love and honest

andreas.vassiliou65 (andreas.vassiliou65)

gen.james.conway3 (gen.james.conway)

jamesharry36 (jamesharry36)

gen.david.mark2221 (gen.david.mark2221)

john_frank_wharton (john_frank_wharton)

peterson.lewis4044 (peterson lewis)
About me honest is my stand to fight the battle of peace
Hello angel you look so pretty and i want to be close to you and get to know you more better...

gen.jackson_paul (gen.jackson_paul)

general.caldwell44 (general.caldwell44)

kevin.bergner207 (kevin.bergner207)

phillip3847 (phillip3847)

engrjohn.david (engrjohn.david) (john

gloria.william63 (kelvin scoth)

col.kentwoods (kelvin brown)

gen.john.f.kelly378 (gen.john.f.kelly378)
i pretty lady how are you doing today??My name is Gen.John.F.Kelly US Army,i will appreciate if you can add me into your contact list so that will can communicate through chating,will can still chat on yahoo messenger... ..please don't let it be a surpise to you it's my honest and greaful if you will accept me as your life partner,i'm a well hearldly man good christian Religion thanks

andrew.scott737 (Andrew scott)

gen.david.m.rodriguez898 (Gen. David M. Rodriguez)

dr1.2jsm (Dr John Smith)
About me Simple and easy going man

john.mogeal5 (john.mogeal5)
hello how are you doing and how is the weather over there?

allen.bryn.johnson (Allen Bryn Johnson)
Hello good day,how are you doing today?i hope all is well with you and your family?i am Allen Bryn Johnson by name,i from

jacob.oliver333 (Jacob Oliver)
Cute name you have,am Jacob by name will love to know you more..happy new

parker.morris14 (parker.morris14)

gen.emanuel1 (gen.emanuel1)

clifford.cucolo (anthony smith)
Hello Dear, How are you doing today? Nice to meet you. Can i steal your smile for a while?

gaouette4 (charles)
About me i am a navy officer
hello pretty,can we talk,want to be a friend and know you more

james.mario26 (james mario)

adams1794 (Adamson Martins)
About me Always Acquired What you desired!

gen.timothy..kadavy (Gen.Timothy. Kadavy)

richard.miller441 (Richard Caldwell)

leoevans5 (Leo Evans)
About me widower and happly wiith my son

kelvin.talley (kelvin talley)
Hi how are you doing today,am new here on skype,i would like to be your friend if you dont mind can we chat?

john.l.pater (john.l.pater)

remy.miller14 (Remy.miller)
About me Honest and love

gen.emanuel (gen.emanuel)
About me intelligent humble

richard.conor (richard.conor)

frank.cole593 (Frank Cole)

gen.mark.welsh698 (gen.mark.welsh698)

richard.onyeka1 (Richard Onyeka)
Location Ghana
`Hello Madam Barbara  I have been in search of someone with this last name "Barbara" so when I saw your name I was pushed to contact you and see how best we can assist each other believing that you will not betray me. I am Mr. Richard onyeka a Worker in OCeanic Security Company here in Ghana. One Mr. Marwan, a citizen of your country and Gold dealer made a fixed deposit of a Luggage bag with my Company in 2006 for 60 calendar months, valued at US$5,700,000.00. and Golds due date for this deposit contract was this 15th of December 2013. Sadly Marwan was among the death victims in the May 12 2008 in Sichuan province of China which killed at least 68,000 people. He was in China on a business trip and that was how he met his untimely end. The company management is yet to know about his death, I knew about it because he was my friend and I am his Account Relationship Officer. Marwan did not mention any Next of Kin/ Heir when the luggage bag was deposited, he was not married and no children. Last week my company Management requested that Marwan should give instructions on what to do about his funds, if to renew the contract. I know this will happen and that is why I have been looking for a means to handle the situation, because if my Company Directors happens to know that Marwan is dead and do not have any Heir, they will take the funds for their personal use, so I don't want such to happen. That is why I am seeking your co-operation to present you as the Next of Kin/ Heir to the Luggage, since you are a foreign…

benjamin85773 (benjamin85773)

wilson_ivan3 (wilson_ivan)

gen.john.allen495 (GEN JOHN ALLEN)

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